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The “R” Word: A Brief History

15 Aug

This is the best post I have read explaining why casual (and purposeful) uses of the word “retarded” hurt families of children with special needs. It also does a great job exploring the word’s evolution from clinical term to slur.

Life As I Know It

When Finn was but a wee newborn lying on a tiny bed in the NICU recovering from surgery, a blood test confirmed what my midwife had suspected: that he had Down syndrome.  I thought that empowering myself with information might be a good idea, because for the most part Down syndrome was a huge mystery to me.  Really all I knew was that people with Down syndrome looked different, they usually had bad haircuts and wore bad clothes, they were prone to heart defects and maybe some other vague medical issues, and most of all, that Down syndrome was definitely something awful that nobody wanted their kid to have.  Michael and I headed to Barnes & Noble to see if we could find some books on the subject (and I’ll never forget, we saw a young woman waiting in line to pay – a young woman who had Down…

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